What is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for?



Now is the time for the newest technologies and innovations.  And now, with the help of experienced professionals and import leads from linkedin to salesforce, you can attract a large number of new customers.  More on this.




You may still be wondering what true uses this tool can offer you.  In addition to technical functions, Sales Navigator allows you to build trust.




You can also reach the type of customer you want - those who use search and filter functions - and get clear information that will allow you to better understand your potential customers.  With these resources, you will be able to interact much closer with your potential customers by offering them personalized content, discounts and offers.




Finding the right customer will be much easier and more efficient, as you can use this LinkedIn tool to track your users as well as connect with those outside your network.




Now let's take a closer look at what linkedin sales navigator and salesforce for effective use.



How to use the sales navigator



You have already purchased a Sales Navigator license.  What's next?  First, figure out the difference between LinkedIn.com and LinkedIn Sales Navigator;  the first is a social network where we find over 645 million professionals, and Sales Navigator is an external platform optimized for commercial use.


1. Find a LinkedIn Sales Navigator.




Where is the sales navigator?  In the upper right corner of the screen, when you select the products tab, you will see the Sales Navigator button (enclosed in the orange box in the following image), click to enter.


How to access the LinkedIn Sales Navigator



Once you are signed in to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile, the first step is to save Sales Navigator to your favorites bar so that you can easily access it in the future.  To do this, select the star in the upper right corner of the browser.


2. Change your information.



Once inside the platform, you should edit the configuration.  Click on your profile picture and select a settings option.  There are three important points in this section to look out for: visibility, sales preferences, and your alerts.




There are three visibility options: the first, which displays your full name, title or title, and your fully public location;  the second, where you keep certain information confidential, but still show your title;  and the third, where all your information is completely confidential.


Sales preferences



Now let's move on to sales preferences.  There are five important aspects to consider: the location, the industries you are interested in, the type of company you work for, the sectors your customers typically belong to, and the hierarchy or position usually held by those who purchase your services or products.





Now we get to the alert settings: choose what type of alerts or notifications you want to receive on your LinkedIn-linked email address.  To do this, simply click a button to activate or deactivate the options according to your preference.




However, before using these tools, it is best to turn to ergonized for efficiency.